Secure Password Management

Secure Password Management

With the sheer amount of services available online it feels like we’re constantly being asked to create new passwords and accounts.

It’s so easy and tempting to fall into the trap of using one password for everything. I was a serial offender once upon a time… I mean who wants to remember 50 different passwords right??

As much as we hate to admit it, it’s a terrible habit. Imagine using a single key for every lock you own: locks in your house, your car, padlocks, safe deposit boxes etc.
Now imagine someone stole the key. You’d be pretty boned!

So why then is it seemingly acceptable to use a single password for our most private information?

I know of people who use the same password for both Facebook and their online banking. Worse yet, the password is painfully simple! (If your password is “password”, please seek help).

It’s something we all know we need to change but it’s so damn hard to kick the habit! How do we remember that many unique passwords? Read more

Budgeting Wake up Call!

Budgeting Wake Up Call

For those that don’t know me, I’m a massive fan of budgeting. Not in the same way that I’m a fan of sleeping in more than once a year (thanks kids!) but y’know!

Budgeting gives me a sense of power! A sense of control over something that for so long was out of control. Looking back, my spending habits as a teen were less than perfect. I worked in retail from the age of 15, got paid weekly and would spend the cash on all of the little things I’d always wanted that my parents would never buy for me. What else was there? A mortgage? Hell no!


Nokia 3315
My very first purchase! The beastly Noka 3315


Eventually I wisened up and started saving a bit. Not for my future of course but purely to see the amount in my bank account get higher and higher. Every thousand dollars was a milestone! I’d then end up spending a huge chunk of that lump sum on something spectacular. Over the years I went on multiple overseas holidays and bought myself a schmick car. I remember thinking, “this saving thing isn’t hard at all!”. And that’s how it was living at home with your parents.


My first car. The 2004 Nissan Maxima Ti. *Sniff* Good times!

Read more

Surviving the Newborn Baby Bubble

Surviving the Newborn Baby Bubble

The Baby Bubble as I’ve learned to call it is the bubble or sphere you wind up in when you have a newborn baby. You become so wound up in the baby that the rest of the world fades from existence. The days all blend together and life becomes a blur!

The sleepless nights, early mornings, incessant crying and other baby related unpleasantness bring on a feeling of drowning. It’s bloody hard to deal with!

Don’t get me wrong, kids are a wonderful thing, just roll with it for a second.

You see, we’ve recently been blessed with our second child – a beautiful baby boy!

Being seasoned veterans, I remember thinking, “We’ve done this before! Easy Peasy!”. Boy was I wrong! Read more

Netflix, Stan, Presto – Which is Best?

Netflix, Stan or Presto?


TV streaming! It’s the latest big thing here in Australia. So which one is for you?

Well, firstly, let’s look at the 3 major players:

  • Netflix: the U.S giant that finally graced our shores this year and started all the hubbub.
  • Stan: Joint venture between Channel 9 and Fairfax Media.
  • Presto: Joint venture between Foxtel and Channel 7.

What’s the difference? Content. Yes they all offer different limits on how many devices can stream simultaneously and which patforms they have apps for but at the end of the day, content is what we’re interested in right?

The problem these providers have is all based around who has the rights to what. There’s stiff competition on who can bring what series or movie to the market as the providers outbid each other for the rights to the content. Read more