Playing Around with Feedburner

Right now this post will have no content, aside from this sentence. Why? Because I’ve decided to try something new!

Until now I’ve been using SumoMe to manage email subscriptions to the blog. Unfortunately it wasn’t working out for me.

Enter FeedBurner! This is simply a test post that’ll remain on the site for about 30-40mins and will allow me to test the email newsletter functionality.

Let’s see how it goes!

Removing Bloatware – Declutter Your Computer

Removing Bloatware

Bloatware! It’s the stuff of nightmares for computer savvy folk. This is my latest encounter with the stuff, yuck!

A week or so ago, my dad gave me a call, said he needed a new laptop and wanted me to help him buy one (because I’m totally awesome right?). Naturally I obliged, did all of the research and price comparisons then bought him the laptop. I got it for a great price too! Go Team!

It arrived a few days ago and today I finally had the chance to switch it on and set it up for him. There I was, all excited about this shiny, sexy and speedy new Lenovo, ready to configure accounts and install my choice of software when I noticed it still hadn’t booted. About 2 minutes had passed and it still wasn’t up! This is after the initial Windows configuration too. I’d set up the account name and password but the thing was still chugging along.

This laptop isn’t something to laugh at either. With a dual core 2GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory and a dedicated graphics chip, it should have powered through boot up and been sitting waiting for me. What was going on?!

Once Windows finally logged in I was presented with a very cluttered desktop. Bloatware. Of course.

I couldn’t believe how much of the stuff was installed on this thing!

What is Bloatware?

The short and sweet is that Bloatware is all of the vendor specific and 3rd party software that comes preinstalled on a computer when you buy it from a shop. Things like trial anti-virus suites or DVD playing software. The sorts of shoddy deals that hover around and pop up after a month saying they’ve expired.

This isn’t something I deal with often either as I build the computers for myself and everyone in my immediate family. My company laptop comes pre-installed with a custom version of Windows that suits my job so I don’t deal with it there either.

What do I do about it?

Well! You blast it all to hell! Or you can uninstall it. Essentially, declutter your computer the way you’d declutter your house!

First thing’s first, Read more

Where Does the Time Go?

I can’t believe my last post was on September 6th 2015! That’s almost 2 months ago!

I’m pretty sure I mastered the art of procrastination during this hiatus. Every time I wanted to make a new post, something came up. It was pretty important stuff but still, where’s the dedication Julian?!

Over the past few weeks a LOT has happened. For the bulk of the time we had my wife’s parents visiting from the other side of the planet. Clearly no time for blogging!

Work also took over for a bit with me being added to a new project – fun but exhausting.

And one of my favourite things… I was able to work on and launch my new course on Udemy. Very happy about that! It’s the course I mentioned in my Secure Password Management post. I’ll have a post on the course later. Know that I’m super excited though!

Other than that, all spare time has been spent with my boys. It’s just incredible how quickly the little one is growing. He’s already 5 months old! Time is just flying! It’s the reason why I’ve decided not to stick to a regular posting schedule. I don’t want to sacrifice time with my boys for the blog. The blog will always be here, their baby/toddler years won’t.

I’m sure all you parents out there understand!

That said, posts are coming, so stay tuned!