How to Remove Deteriorating Rubber from a Mouse


The other day my mum called and asked if I had a spare mouse for her computer as her old one had kicked the bucket. I remembered I had an old Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse sitting in a box somewhere so went searching. I finally found it but boy was it nasty! The rubber panels on it had started deteriorating and it was disgustingly sticky!

It turns out this is a pretty common issue. The rubber used on peripherals made by Microsoft, Logitech, Thermaltake and other companies tends to deteriorate with time, especially if they’re not actively being used. This was a pretty severe case given the rubber had become sticky and gross. More commonly, the rubber tends to develop a “skin” on it that is easily scratched with the fingernail and leaves a black residue. I have this happening with my Logitech G15 keyboard wrist rest.

Logitech Keyboard Rubber Deteriorating
Don’t worry, it looks like crap but at least it’s clean! (Dettol clean!)

Cleaning the Rubber off

The first thing I did was stupidly grab a paper towel and try to rub it off. Stupidly because the paper towel instantly stuck to the rubber and tore to bits leaving me with an even uglier situation than before. I actually considered giving the mouse to mum in this state. The paper towel had completely covered the sticky parts and the mouse was smooth again! Read more

11 Reasons I Love Being a Dad

11 Reasons I Love Being a Dad

Globally, 2015 was a depressing year. It’s a reminder that many of us have it pretty damn sweet when compared to people elsewhere in the world. Not that we’re not allowed to complain, but next time I feel the need to complain about peak hour traffic, I’ll try and remember that there are people out there who’d kill for that to be their only issue.

I decided to end the year by reflecting on the many things I’m grateful for and family topped the list. I’m the luckiest guy to have a loving wife and two amazing kids – kids that are all too easy to complain about. The whinging, the sleepless nights, messes, bodily fluids, all of the fun stuff! So many things can annoy us on a daily basis that it’s easy to forget just how awesome having children really is. Let’s kick off 2016 on a positive note with 11 Reasons I Love Being a Dad!


1. I finally get to watch children’s cartoons again without feeling bad

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