A Morning Routine for the Rest of us

A Morning Routine for the Rest of us

If you’re on the productivity bandwagon you’ll undoubtedly have read or heard that having a solid morning routine is one of the key foundations to being productive and successful. Starting your day off correctly sets the mood for the rest of the day and ensures the right frame of mind.


Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with starting the day on the right foot (or left!) but it’s just plain silly to promote to the masses a consistent morning routine of reading books while doing yoga on the roof at sunrise. It seems to me that the people promoting this notion don’t have children. If they do, who the heck takes care of them in the morning? Maybe their time management skills are just out of this world… something I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend!

After reading countless books and articles on productivity, to some success, I’ve been able to implement my own morning routine. Not so surprisingly, mornings with the kids completely differ from mornings without. I’ll cover what my productive morning routine is like at the end of the post (it’s not that exciting). For now, here’s:


A Morning Routine for the Rest of us

Thursday to Sunday (not super productive)

Let’s start with the days that the kids are at home (Mon – Wed they’re in day care).

6:00 – 7:00am: Somewhere in between this hour of death, the boys (obviously in cahoots with one another) decide to wake up. Our 3yr old will stand out in the living room yelling “DAAADDY” while the baby lies in his crib talking to himself at the top of his lungs (spoken in gibberish of course). Read more

7 Uses for an old USB Drive

7 Uses for an old USB Drive

I remember when USB drives first hit the market: “32mb of storage on this one tiny stick! Say what?!”. Skip ahead 10 years or so and I now have a 32gb and 16gb USB drive on my keyring – and that’s considered average. If you’re insane, you can blow over $1100 to get your hands on a 1TB USB flash drive – crazy! The problem is that with the incredibly quick technology advances, we end up accumulating old, smaller capacity drives.

I was cleaning out a box in the garage the other day and found a plastic Ferrero Rocher container (those things are great storage solutions!) which was filled with old USB drives and memory cards. 32mb, 128mb, 16mb, 2gb. It’s hard to believe I ever survived using such tiny drives!

USB Drive Collection
A few devices in my USB Drive Collection

What to do with them though? Throwing them away is definitely an option but it does seem wasteful so I’ve put my nerd hat on and come up with 7 ideas:

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