Who is This Guy?

Hi and welcome to Tech, Money, Kids!

I’m Julian, the creator and resident nerdy dad behind this amazing (if I do say so myself!) blog. I’m an I.T professional of 10 years now and am also an instructor on Udemy.com. (Check out my course listings here!).

I created TMK for the same reason most other people create blogs – too much to say with no one willing to listen! Just ask my friends, I could talk for days!

My aim is to use the blog to write about all of the things I have a passion for. At the moment, the three things in my crosshairs are:

  1. Technology – I currently work in I.T for one of the world’s largest database companies so this is only natural. I’m also a massive gamer. I actually attribute my entire career to gaming. If it wasn’t for Battlefield 1942, I’d have never gotten myself a job!
  2. Money – I happen to live in one of the most expensive cities in the country, if not the world: Sydney, Australia. I also have a family so having a healthy relationship with my finances is a must!
  3. Kids – My wife and I have two incredible boys. They’re both under little ones and are the reason I get up in the morning. While they’ve definitely cramped by gaming style, I wouldn’t change a thing. Disclaimer: This topic is actually regarding my family, not just my kids. “Kids” just sounds better than “family” for a blog name though right?!


You’re going to find lots of info based on my experiences with the above. Believe me, there’s a lot to talk about! We’ve just built our first home as well so things are a little crazy!

My other intention is to write reviews for all of the products I use and love. This may sound generic but it’s something I find lacking online these days, especially when it comes to the Australian market. When I go to buy something and search the internet for real user reviews I generally only see the negatives and even then, the information is lacking.

I want to provide proper, real world reviews, so stay tuned!

Feel free to sign up and join me for the ride. I promise I’ll only write a few embarrassing things about the boys to show them when they’re 18 🙂

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